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ECO BASIC , the perfect solution to provide reliable and sustainable power for your daily needs. This kit comes complete with all the essential components needed to power your TV, lights, fan, and laptop without relying on the grid.

The kit includes a 1KVA inverter, which is a high-quality device that converts DC power from the battery bank to AC power for your appliances. The 1x220Ah battery bank is a durable and long-lasting battery that will provide reliable power for your home or office. The 550w solar panel is designed to capture maximum sunlight and convert it to electricity, so you have plenty of power even on cloudy days.

The charge controller is a necessary component that regulates the power flow from the solar panel to the battery bank and ensures that your batteries are not overcharged. The kit also includes all necessary wiring and installation materials to make the setup process simple and hassle-free.

With the ECO BASIC , you can enjoy uninterrupted power for your TV, lights, fan, and laptop, without worrying about power outages or high electricity bills. This kit is perfect for small homes, cabins, and offices, and it is designed to be easy to install and maintain.

Merhant Name

₦ 650,000