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Scanfrost SFC5402B Gas Cooker 5 Series with Black Finished

The Scanfrost range of cookers are of great quality and comes at affordable prices. With this cooker in the Kitchen cooking has become more fun than ever. Enjoy every moment you spend using them, be proud of all your appliances, cook and savour your well made delicious meals.

Maintaining and cleaning is so easy to clean; all you have to do is soak a napkin in water, mix with liquid soap to clean after use. It has manual ignition that allows you control the intensity of the heat when you want to cook or warm up your various meals. The gas cooker from Scanfrost brand features oven Lamp, stainless steel top, 4 Gas Burners and do not take up much space in your kitchen but will definitely take away stress when cooking.

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₦ 72,300