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The Scanfrost 3 Burner Gas Cooker, Hotplate and Oven -SFC 5312S is durable, powerful and highly efficient home appliance.  The Scanfrost 3 Burner Gas Cooker, Hotplate and Oven -SFC 5312S is a great addition to your kitchen and makes your cooking easy.  The size of the Scanfrost Gas Cooker 3 Gas Burners and Hotplate is compact and can fit perfectly into any kitchen.

The  Gas Cooker has a glass lid which beautifies the cooker. It also has a hob which allows you to regulate the cooking temperature. The Scanfrost gas burner is a reliable and affordable option for cooking meals. The Scanfrost 3 Gas Burner, Hotplate with Gas Oven also has an inbuilt oven which allows you bake conveniently. The cooker is wide enough to accommodate four pots at once thus making it suitable to cook for the whole family.

The oven is easy to clean, the enamel lining of the oven provides a smooth surface making it very easy to clean. Food residue is also less likely to stick to the oven coating, improving hygiene. A full-width gas grill is integrated into the oven cavity, adding variety to your cooking options without the need for extra appliances.

Each of the four gas burners provides instant heat to cook food faster than electric hobs, you can select the right temperature with great precision.  A heat deflector prevents the dial controls from getting too hot while the hob is in use, so they remain cool to the touch. Enamel pan supports are also easy to wipe clean or remove for ease of access to the gas burners.

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