About product

Industry-first 3-in-1 combination Switch for easy operation
• Push-to-Start power button for the iTEC 3500GHD Generator
• Zero Petrol Design to use fuel to the last drop
• Advanced Digital LCD Data Meter
• Best in Class lean-burn Technology which gives 10% lower fuel consumption than competition
• Improved Air Filter Efficiency with Dual Air Filters
• Advanced AMD (Automatic Mechanical Decompression) reduces engine resistance for 1-pull start
• Advanced dual muffler and sound dissipation technology for less noise 


  • The iTEC Power 3.5Kva Generator comes with a proprietary Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) technology that protects all connected appliances.
  • Designed with 100% copper winding for maximum reliability and performance.
  • The compact eco-friendly design of the Generator ensures best in class fuel economization that delivers an extended run time.
  • It uses a durable recoil starter for easy handling
  • Portable design makes handling the iTEC Power Generator Set very easy while reducing the amount of space utilized.
  • Has an optimized alternator design that allows it power some power-intensive appliances in the home such as 1.5HP Air conditioning system, large sized freezer and others
  • Consumes fuel in the barest minimum
  • The iTEC Power 3.5Kva Generator produces less noise with its inbuilt dual muffler and advanced sound dissipation technology.
  • It features an impressive 15Litre fuel tank which ensures up to 12 hours of run time on full tank
  • They have optimized alternator designs for maximum efficiency at rated capacity
  • The iTEC Power 3.5Kva Generator comes with free spark plugs, oil funnels and connecting wires
  • They have in-built DC output source of 12V/8.3A for charging 12V inverter and car batteries with free connecting cables
  • The 3.5kva iTEC Power Generator is very portable and highly efficient for powering household consumer appliances

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₦ 228,200